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    Hmm, well, I do have a cpu accelerator on board but I can't be sure it's a Sonnet or not. What I am sure about is that the system is no way near 800-900Mhz target value because I get easily 75 fps on Quake 3 at 1280x1024 all max settings with multiple enemies on screen. Also, I have a powerbook 1.67Ghz and apart from faster system buses, cpu intensive tasks are almost identical. Finally as stated in this LW benchmark, my system is double faster than the 800Mhz microA1, faster than the pbook 1.33Ghz and much closer to the X5000 2.2Ghz.

    I did some spoofing with OF but got nowhere since the cpu gets reported as /PowerPC, 60?@0 (I think this was an issue with some Sonnet boards, which were not reported properly and needed some patching?), whereas clock-frequency too states: 05f03e4d which is the hex for 99630669 decimal (in hz) which in return is equal to ~99.63Mhz and thus it must be referring at cpu bus instead of actual clock speed (is my logic correct so far?).

    I also tried to burn an Lubuntu 16.04 LTS but as as soon as I fire up the terminal, system hangs. Couldn't be bothered to disconnect my devices as this is my main home setup, it's MorphOS exclusive, and don't want to interfere with it. Is there any linux live ppc distro with cmd prompt to check systems specs /wo entering the desktop mode nor installing it at all?

    To me, it looks more probable that MorphOS could be reporting wrongly cpu version instead of clock speed, unless I have a miraculous 7451 G4 and Wikipedia is just full of bs one more time.
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