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    Is the clock speed stated on Wikipedia (G4) the theoretical max cycles the cpus can reach?

    Because mine is listed as 500–867 MHz whereas if I do a cli c:cpu, I get the wonderful :

    System: PowerMac3,1
    Machine: 0x1
    PageSize: 4096 Bytes
    CPUCount: 1
    CPU0: 7451 (G4) Version 32768 Revision 515
    CPU0: CPUClock 1600000000 BusClock 99630669
    CPU0: FPU Unit exists
    CPU0: Altivec Unit exists
    CPU0: Performance Monitor Unit exists
    CPU0: DataStream Unit exists
    CPU0: ReservationSize 32
    CPU0: Ticks 4
    CPU0: CacheL1Type 0x0
    CPU0: CacheL1Flags 0x1000F
    CPU0: ICacheL1Size 16384
    CPU0: ICacheL1Lines 512
    CPU0: ICacheL1LineSize 32
    CPU0: DCacheL1Size 16384
    CPU0: DCacheL1Lines 512
    CPU0: DCacheL1LineSize 32
    CPU0: CacheL2Type 0x0
    CPU0: CacheL2Flags 0x1001D
    CPU0: ICacheL2Size 524288
    CPU0: ICacheL2Lines 0
    CPU0: ICacheL2LineSize 0
    CPU0: DCacheL2Size 524288
    CPU0: DCacheL2Lines 0
    CPU0: DCacheL2LineSize 0

    ^Which is basically double the clock compared to what wikipedia states.
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