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    Kronos wrote:
    What was rare and is pure unobtainium today are the 2GHt Nevertech units or the 2x1.8 Sonnet for MDD/FW800.

    If I will find such card, and there will be 7448 inside ( it should be) it will be fine. But is still very interesting to look how the caches speeds all things. Short info from graphs in pre-previous post:

    7448 ( L2: 1 MB ) - 2.0 GHz = 108 %
    7457 ( L2: 512 kB + L3: 2 MB ) - 1.6 GHz = 100 %
    7447 ( L2: 512 kB ) - 2.0 GHz = 86 %

    For me will be enough to clock 7457 CPUs somewhere between 1.58 - 1.75 GHz for ideal performance/cooling/consumption.
    Even if CPU can go to 1.83 GHz, in this case will be slightly over max frequency also my L3 cache chips and I am too lazy to modified this.

    And now I return to topics:
    Please, can you recommend me device for measuring of real computer consumption?
    Ideally some tested, with corrected errors of blind currents and with connection to standard plug?
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