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    > > I just looking for real info about overclocked 7457 VCore. Information
    > > if Sonnet had 7447 or 7457 is redundant for this question.

    > Not quite, I think. If Sonnet really used 7457 CPUs overclocked up to 1.8 GHz, the info
    > you're seeking may be derivable somehow from (preferably non-destructively) examining such
    > Sonnet card. If they didn't, they are not.

    I never thought Kronos had a Sonnet - they are rare. At first I supposed to find somebody who made CPU swap and overclocked 7457 to 1.8 GHz. I found such guy, but he don't know exactly the VCore, because after several month with 1.8 GHz he lower frequency because of high fan noise ( i.e. not ideal cooling )
    If somebody has Sonnet, it will be fine, but probably he don't want to remove cooler and investigate settings.

    > I'm not sure what "default frequency" means here, but yes, in terms of maximum rated
    > frequency, during the first year, the 7457 was 1267 MHz vs. 1300 MHz of 7447. After that,
    > the 7447 got downrated to 1267 MHz as well. This happened around 03/2004.

    and after that 7447B/C rated frequency rises upto 1700 MHz, and frequency of 7457 stayed on 1267 MHz all the time.
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