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    I am not insist on 7457 with Sonnet 1.8 GHz single. I just looking for real info about overclocked 7457 VCore. Information if Sonnet had 7447 or 7457 is redundant for this question. Of course can be useful for somebody who search for exact Sonnet type.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    745x processors can be deployed without connecting actual L3 cache to the corresponding pins. The PCB doesn't even have to have any footprint for L3 cache chip. In this case, any 745x CPU acts exactly like the corresponding 744x CPU. But I'm with you that in the case of the Sonnet Encore/ST G4 cards, 745x comes with L3 cache deployed.

    Yes, 7457 can be connected without L3 cache. For example some AmigaOne XE CPU modules has 745x without cache chips. But it makes no big sense in case of Sonnet - 7447 had these times higher default frequency and probably was cheaper. And L3 cache gives great benefit with certain tasks ( like compiling ) see here. There several posts, graph is #171.
    And if slower Sonnets with single CPU has L3 cache for sure (picture in manual) and their design was made for L3, very probably L3 was also in 1.8 GHz version, if there was 7457 CPU.
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