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    Kronos schrieb:
    With the release of 3.18 (or the 1st 3.19beta to be more precise) I decided to check up on some mothballed systems:

    PMac G4 QuickSilver 1.8GHz Radeon9000:
    idle 55W compiling 83W standby 10W
    idle with 15" ADC 75W
    -> far to high standby to be connected to mains 24/7, despite the slower CPU and smaller screen it pretty close to the iMac and it still lacks the USB2,SBLive! and Voodoo3 I had in there

    I suspect the stand by values may be a bit off due to measurement errors (blind currents , Phase Shifts). Would need some in depth Evaluation…
    But eventually I think it‘s a good idea to keep these machines behind a mechanically switchable power outlet like this https://www.pollin.de/images/1200x1200x90/I451056.1-goobay-Schutzkontakt-Zwischensteckdose-mit-Schalter-16-A-weiss.jpg

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