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    Kronos schrieb:

    There is no powermanagment in OF so it is normal to go into jet-mode after a while.

    The cooling on these is good enough to have the CPU(s) at full blast without damage for forever in contrast with current (x86) CPU that would easily kill themselves running full tilt on their stock coolers.

    No, depends on Firmware.

    PM G5 (OF V4):

    PM 2,3 GHz : 5.1.87f allways silent
    PM 2,3 GHz : 5.2.4f1 blowing like a jet
    PM 1,8 GHz : 5.1.5f0 allways silent
    PM 2,0 GHz : 5.1.8f7 blowing like a jet

    Seems that OF Versions 5.18f7 and above dont manage that as good as older FW-revisions.
    It's also very interessting that this 2 blowing G5 have that backside blower-problem under MorphOS too, which I discribed in another thread. Northbridge becomes much more hot, than the other two G5. Astonishingly under OSX it does'nt occour.
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