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    Kronos schrieb:
    Due to the current crisis I've bought a cheap device to measure power usage at the outlet.

    idle compiling off(standby)
    iMac G5 72.4W 97W 3.3W 2.5GB RAM default screen brightness
    Peg2 G4 54.5W 57.2W 1.5W 1GB, Radeon 9250, some old HDD, passive PSU
    22" LG 35W ---- 0.5W 1680x1050

    Plan to add more PPC and non PPC-HW later, but the shocking result atm is that it makes more sense to run the iMacG5 standalone than running a Pegasos_G4 and an ancient TFT with similar specs.

    Measured the Efika years ago: https://via.bckrs.de/MorphOS/bench_en.html (sd card should lower the uptake quite a bit)

    Also on that site, measurements for the mac mini and pegasos1.
    I can confirm your conclusions from the total energy uptake POV as written in this thread already https://morph.zone/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?forum=11&topic_id=12759&viewmode=flat&sortorder=0&start=25

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