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    eastone schrieb:
    The geforce2 card does not have a dvi connector :( but maybe you can use a geforce 5200/5500 or 6200 pci. I think they should work (dvi-i) in such configuration. Perhaps I will flash the 6200 pci and let you know if it actually works. Radeon needs additional power and pins 3 and 11 must be taped.

    The GF not having DVI would be ok for me. But if you should flash a GF6200 and this works too it would be also an interesting option. :-)

    But why do you need to tape pins 3 and 11? So you can't just take a PC Radeon off the shelf and try it? Is this a 'feature' of the G4 AGP slot?

    Also I don't understand why I would need additional power when there is no external power connector on the card. E.g. the AGP Radeon HD4670 (klick) does not have one. It got only half the memory bandwidth of the X1950 but is 2 (AMD)generations newer with OpenGL 3.3 vs OpenGL 2.1. I doubt it would be much slower on MorphOS and it certainly will be faster in Linux. With OpenGL 3.3 you actually get a decent accelerated Linux desktop, also much less (Big Endian) rendering bugs with the mesa r600 driver compared to the X1950 using mesa r300 driver.
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