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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    @eastone: Ah, that is a very interesting combination - thanks for sharing! Wouldn't have thought that you can do such a 2-card combination on a G4 too...

    How did you got hold of that GeForce 2 MX400? Getting a PC one cheaply and flashing this Dual-BIOS yourself?

    Geforce is some noname card I bought many years ago. I flashed this bios:
    I did not mention some limitations of such a solution. The geforce2 card does not have a dvi connector :( but maybe you can use a geforce 5200/5500 or 6200 pci. I think they should work (dvi-i) in such configuration. Perhaps I will flash the 6200 pci and let you know if it actually works. Radeon needs additional power and pins 3 and 11 must be taped.
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