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    jacadcaps wrote:
    It should be auto-mounted provided it's formatted in a way that MorphOS supports. I'd check the Mounter and or HDConfig to see if it's recognized in 1st place.

    What's a "Firewire icon"? MorphOS has a Firewire stack integrated since 3.12.

    OK it works. HD config can see it even it is NTFS: at the moment I'm testing a firewire compact flash reader.

    There are two ports: even you see your hard drive on it doesn't mean it is connected to the input one. I have a firewire 800 TI on another computer where the output port doesn't provide power supply. In Pegosos device's leds are on in both firewire ports, but we need to connect to the input port anyway. Maybe all firewire 400 were like that.

    Now I don' have time to do any other tests cause I'm going on holiday. By the way my hd should work.

    See you
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