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    Thanks Piru,

    How much of a risk is it to turn off IPS?


    Piru wrote:

    matt3 wrote:
    @CYFN Thanks for that.

    I did a lot more testing and I found if I turned off IPS on the new security device it fixed the issue. Not only with Morphos but also other computers trying to play large movie files.

    Strange that IPS would do this? So I don't think it is the QNAP but the new security appliance. Strange because is has a lot of cpu grunt and power and is a new next gen device...

    It's hard to know for sure, but this is my take on this:

    IPS typically works by inspecting the network traffic realtime. Since it has to be able to prevent intrusion, it will need to do decisions on each packet whether to pass or block it. This adds latency, which will have negative impact on network performance. MorphOS network stack specifically is rather sensitive to excessive latency.
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