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    So, this adventure had finally come to a fruitful ending :)

    First I got a smaller second ssd (110GB) and I checked all possible positions on the IDE cable (again via 2xdigitus ide-sata adapters) and jumpers (master/slave) between both and it was a no go.

    Then a friend suggested to try out with a real IDE HD and has offered a 320GB WD 7200rpm. In the beginning I was getting same symptoms like the ones described earlier but I was determined to check all possible combinations again and at the last try found the only one that worked: Mechanical hd is set on Master ide position without any jumpers (thus acting as single hd), whereas my main SSD was set on slave IDE position with jumper set as salve too. Yeah, sounds like a real travesty but hey, it works :)

    I am really curious though how MorphOS picks up the boot sequence... Does it scan both hds (no matter the master/slave positions and jumpers) and boots up from the first available flagged as boot partition? What happens if more than one partition is set as bootable?

    Also, it was pain to fit them on the mid tower of the Sawtooth but found some nice, long sleeve ide cables from the early '00s which came in handy from my stash and moved both of the above the dvd drive bay.

    Finally, as discussed on irc, MorphOS initially reported that the system was being booted by the mechanical hd, which had an old Windows 7 installation. This is due to the MBR. Once I 've deleted the partitions, selected RDB, formatted to SFS and rebooted, it reports correct boot device / partition.

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