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    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    I'd never any problem by installing that way

    Or you just haven't noticed. In any case it's hard to get the sytem like the developers have intended. You don't know if they have deleted some obsolete files, are commands that should be resident really resident, did you really notice to copy all changed files, etc?


    AREXX-problems only occurs, if you don't locate rexxsys.library (68K) outside MOSSYS: in System:libs. But it's well known, that any 3rd-party-software should be located outside MOSSYS:. (Installer does'nt touch files outside MOSSYS:)

    But when you copy the SYS:MorphOS/ manually, you get the non-working rexxsyslib.library installed in MOSSYS:... doesn't that cause any problems or is there some magic in MorphOS for this case? When you use the installer, that doesn't happen.
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