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    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    Why so complicated:

    Download iso, copy propper boot.img to boot-partition and then copy complete MorphOS-directory to your System-Partition (drag&drop). Click away error-massages for used skin-files (they mostly dont chance, so they are'nt necessary to copy).
    Otherwise you can update them later (never had to do that since MSO2.x).
    Then reboot and copy all other files you need from outside the MorphOS-directory (on ISO) to your Systempartition. You need only to copy updated files (most of them are not) - read docs!

    This sounds way too complicated and time consuming for me, I'll rather use the well-working official installer that does everything for me. And I think there are several possibilities to get an unfinished installation by this handwork way. You don't get pure/script/executable bits properly set for new files, you lose your working ARexx environment, files that would be deleted by the installer won't get deleted, etc...
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