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    amyren wrote:
    I just updated from 3.16 to 3.17 on my PowerBook without using cd or usb, using this method.

    Download the iso file and mount it.
    Then copy the MorphOSBoot:mac_ppc32/boot.img file into your Boot: partition.
    Reboot (the boot splash screen should now show 3.17)
    Mount the iso file again
    Open a shell window and type assign sys: MorphOSBoot:
    Navigate to the MorphOSBoot:WBstartup folder and launch the installation program (FirstFlight)
    Follow the instructions and the install should run just as if you booted from CD.


    jPV wrote:
    Tip: there's no need for the assign if you just launch Tools/IWizard instead of FirstFlight.

    This is exactly the way I do the update since years. The last CD-R I wrote is 3.7.
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