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    white wrote: But is the cd-rom reader of the g4 1.5mhz compatible with that of the g4 1.67 in your opinion?

    It should be compatible, but it may have less features, may only be a CDRW-DVD-ROM, rather than a DVD-RW/DL, but you should be able to swap the optical drive from one system to the other and get it to be useable, as they both have the same interface. 8-)

    Note: ensure you use the cable from the 1.67 with the 1.67, and the 1.5 with the one from the 1.5 - you will probably not get them to work if you connect the cable from one PowerBook with the alternative one you want to use it in, as the cables are probably wired differently/different part number (slightly) - which is Apple's idiosyncrasy/idiosynchronicity. :-/
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