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    white wrote: When I insert any CD (including Morphos 3.15, 3.16 etc.). The CD does not stay inside the PowerBook reader, it is expelled for no reason. Does anyone know how to fix this or what could be the reason. Thanks.

    It's easy enough to fit a replacement compatible DVD-RW for little money, and get the system to function as you want it to, if it is the drive that has failed, but quite often all it needs is the read/write head to be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol on a small piece of tissue, stroked very lightly across the lens while the tissue is still wet with the isopropyl alcohol.

    Then you just need to leave it for a short while for the liquid to evaporate in a warm room, with the lid/metal cover screwed back on over the top to stop dust from collecting on the lens once it's been cleaned. 8-)

    Occasionally the ribbon membrane can fail but this is more uncommon to have happened than debris on the lens, so don't throw the drive out without first checking that it is really beyond repair - that's my suggestion, hope it works for you. 8-D
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