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    Many thanks,
    I have 215 MB/s too.

    I was afraid, that I corrupt something during overclocking. But is seems to be normal with Mac Mini G4.
    It is a little, because my Pegasos 2 ( again this machine! ) have 232 MB/s.

    I assumed much more here, as Mac Mini have AGP x4 video bus and Pegasos only PCI 66 (~ AGP x1).
    So Pegasos have speed 87% of theoretical bus maximum, and Mini 20% of theoretical bus maximum? Strange.

    I always suspected all-in-one computers of inefficiency ;-)
    A am not expert on MorphOS, only power user, but I supposed, that these benchmarked functions are the fastest for write to gfx card memory.

    And please, why CPU to VRAM and WritePixelArray are allways nearly the same numbers?
    Original AmigaOS and AmigaOS 4 have big diferences here, because COPY to VRAM is without DMA. Does it mean, that MorphOS use for both functions DMA and different names are for compatibility resons? Or I am totally lost?
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