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    Other issue with screens on FullHD resolution is, that screens switching on Mini is significantly slower than on Pegasos 2 + Radeon 9800 PRO. But it is a minor thing.

    You mean in the situations when it needs to swap screens in memory? In a normal situation when all screens fit in the graphics memory and are in the same format, it's so instant that you shouldn't notice a difference in switching not matter if it's FullHD or any other resolution.

    Yes, swap two open screens.
    Regardless of if it is with Amiga+M or with mouse, to swap two fullHD/24-bit tripple buffered screens takes almost one second. Unfortunatelly I don't know how measure exact time.
    Lower resolution or lower depth screen swapping is fast. Also swapping fullHD/24 on Pegasos 2 is faster - this is strange, because Pegasos 2 have 1.33 GHz (vs. Mini 1.83 GHz) and have PCI 66 MHz vs. Mini x4 AGP. Only plus of Pegasos is much better graphics card (9800 PRO vs builtin 9200 )

    Can it be some monitor issue if it is on the same monitor? Pegasos 2 is connected via DVI + HDMI reduction, and Mini to DVI directly.

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