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    Zylesea wrote:
    Can you provide benches (numbers and subjective experience to decide wether this overclocking is worthwhile for everday usage or just for the geek factor (which of course is a pretty strong and valid point!).

    Of course, this is the most pretty point for me! ;-)


    Zylesea wrote:
    Most interesting (for me): you also have an iMac G5 (as have I), how does the overclocked Mini compete with the iMac (I myself wonder how close the iMac G5 and the 1.5 Mini are, some parts - for example jpg decoding is faster on the Mini compared to the iMac, but Wayfarer is a good share faster on the iMac).

    Yes, I make some benchmarks. Now I am waiting for SSD+adapter, then I registrate MorphOS and after that I will gladly do comparison with my other MorphOS machines (if I solve the overheating of Powermac Quad, it will be also in comparison).

    If you have exact aplication what you need to benchmark, please let me know. Otherwise I will do my usual mix of benchs, apps and games.
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