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    sailor schrieb:
    I have mini 1.5 GHz with 7447B CPU. And I overclocked it to 1.83 GHz. 7447B is capable of it.
    CPU is going fine, no lockups or errors, but I want made some long-term stress test.

    When I overclocked something, I often replace cooler for more powerful and measure the temperature. Mini have no space for it.

    So I want measure the temperature during testing, from OS or OF.
    And of course, during daily use of MorphOS it will be super.

    Some years back I did some test tool to read the sensor values on Mac mini via MorphOS. The temperature sensor is basically behind some microcontroller which automatically controls the fan once action is required, so I never bothered to integrate it as part of MorphOS sensors. This is opposed to other Apple systems which need active software control to adjust fan speeds.
    It also had some impact on system performance if it was repeatly reading the sensor values the way it was implemented back then, so it did not make it into MorphOS directly.

    You can give it a try if you like

    Mac mini temperature sensor shell tool

    Let me know if it works for you ...
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