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    Amigaharry2 schrieb:
    In that case you will do it with OSX, I think.......

    Btw: Since MOS 3.14 a new recource (nvram.resource) was added, which can be used to read/write Mac's NVRAM. For example this is used to reduce startup-chime-loudness (which, btw, does'nt work on Mini). So theoretically its possible to read out CPU-Temp. But I doubt that anyone writes a prog to do that.......

    No, the Mac mini thermal sensor is not related to the nvram at all, nvram just stores various setup/config values.

    The startup-chime on Mac mini can either be turned off completely or turned on. Mac mini has no H/W to control audio volume. At least setting it to 0 or non-zero works fine on my 10,1 mini to disable/enable it.
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