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    ThePlayer wrote:
    I replaced my LCS on my 2.7 G5 with heatsinks and Fans. And wonder what is the max Temp for the G5 befor it burns.
    Mine gets on CPU 1 up to 87° Celsius on on CPU 2 up to 71° is that ok or should i try to get a faster Fan?

    When my LCS was faulty (clogged and partially leaked) it could easily go up to 98° Celsius. Still running though. Now, after a few years after it's been rebuilt the CPU goes to about 80 degrees but not higher than 82 (the fans kick hard then and the temp won't go higher). That said, the LCS needs a partial refill (there's a healthy bit of air in the tubing), so there's a good chance to lower the temperature. I'll report back as soon as I do the job.

    The question is: how loud are your fans?
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