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    sailor wrote:
    Finally, I got scheme of PLL of Pegasos 1 G3 CPU card. I tried overclocking.
    Technically it is fine, unfortunatelly with higher multiplicator settings (x6.5, x7.0) Open firmware sets FSB frequency to 66MHz (was 100MHz). So, no speed increase is possible with April 1 fix. Theoretically April 2 can do better, but I have no one.

    or VIA works poorly: USB2.0 is fine, but graphics speed is very reduced: Copy-to-VRAM speed is reduced from 81MB/s to 26MB/s!

    Interesting is, that both above cases occured with the same PCI+AGP cards configuration.
    Is here somebody with Pegasos 1? Can you tell me your experinces with USB cards please?

    Here my brief experience with April2:

    Time ago I had a VIA it worked ramdonly, ALi and NEC don't work at all.
    Be careful with graphics cards which are listed as "compatible".
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