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    Finally, I got scheme of PLL of Pegasos 1 G3 CPU card. I tried overclocking.
    Technically it is fine, unfortunatelly with higher multiplicator settings (x6.5, x7.0) Open firmware sets FSB frequency to 66MHz (was 100MHz). So, no speed increase is possible with April 1 fix. Theoretically April 2 can do better, but I have no one.

    I have one question regarding USB2.0 card:
    I tested two VIA and NEC USB2.0 cards, they works with Pegasos2 and Sam440ep-flex OOTB.
    But inside Pegasos 1 April 1 NEC never works, and VIA behaves randomly:
    VIA either don't work: (with this message in USB stack log)
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: Detected device 'USB 2.0 Hub [MTT]' at port 4. I like it.
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: Hub has added 1 device(s). That'll be fun!
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: Hub with 4 ports successfully configured.
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: I'm in love with hub 'USB 2.0 Hub [MTT]'.
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: Oh no! I've been shot! Arrggghh...
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: My death killed device 'USB 2.0 Hub [MTT]' at port 4!
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: Oh no! I've been shot! Arrggghh...
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: Time to get rid of 'USB 2.0 Hub [MTT]'!
    6:11 pm| 0-hub.class: Time to get rid of 'PCI Root Hub Unit 1'!
    6:11 pm| 0-poseidon.library: Removed hardware pciusb.device/1. Bye bye!

    or VIA works poorly: USB2.0 is fine, but graphics speed is very reduced: Copy-to-VRAM speed is reduced from 81MB/s to 26MB/s!

    Interesting is, that both above cases occured with the same PCI+AGP cards configuration.
    Is here somebody with Pegasos 1? Can you tell me your experinces with USB cards please?

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