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    > Mac Server G4 - AGP - M7609LL/A - PowerMac3,1 - M5183 - 1843 seems to be a supported
    > model, […] from what you've said, it's completed the installation,
    > so it does seem to be compatible.

    "Each model in the Macintosh Server G4 series architecturally is identical to a model in the Power Macintosh G4 series, but the configurations are different and the servers shipped with pre-installed Apple server software."

    So indeed, going by this, each Mac Server G4 model corresponds to a MorphOS-compatible PowerMac G4 model, just with larger hard drive and more RAM (beside the irrelevant-for-MorphOS software side), which means that the whitelist mechanism incorporated into MorphOS cannot tell a PowerMac G4 model from its corresponding Mac Server G4 model.

    > maybe it is the capacity or interface type for the HDD
    > that you are using that could be an issue as well.

    Regarding capacity, the limit with pre-LBA48 machines such as the PowerMac3,1 is 128 GiB, so both his 40 GB HDD and 120 GB SSD should be fine. Regarding interface type, I don't see how that could be the issue when MorphOS recognizes the drive (using "on-board IDE", see comment #3) and starts copying to it.
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