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    Papiosaur wrote:
    Hello all,

    i search a printer/scanner compatible with MorphOS to propose it on www.morphos-store.com.

    I think it will be fine to have this sort of hardware on MorphOS.

    Any solution ?

    Thanks for your returns ;-)

    zukow once had (maybe still has) an Epson Perfection 1640SU and he was very happy with it.
    I have a Mustek 600CU, it's working, but I think it's quite mediocre. I also have a Plustek Optic Slim 1200, but for me it's a bit worse than Mustek.

    Honestly, I think zukow is your man when it comes to scanners. He's got quite a collection.

    EDIT: I just remembered that zukow once said Canon LIDE 210 is a good one.

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