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    Here you can see the latest firmware version that MorphOS supports (the page will be updated should new MorphOS compatible versions be released):



    I'm sure most of you are aware of my efforts to port MorphOS to, and run MorphOS on, AMD64 hardware. To this end, I ended up writing a new kernel from scratch. However, this new kernel was actually first written for PowerPC before later being ported to AMD64. The main PowerPC hardware I developed this kernel on is actually the X5000. When run on the X5000, this kernel runs natively in 64 bit mode and it supports SMP. It already boots and runs both (or all four, depending on the CPU) cores of the X5000.

    Not that this *really* answer your initial question for certain, but to me this at least sounds like the core MorphOS developer Bigfoot/Mark Olsen has practical experience of bringing up an OS *on either version* of the CPU, which is not very strange at all since he is the one who actually wrote the X5000 firmware ;-), so chances should be *pretty fair* IMHO that MorphOS (even with the original kernel) would run on either CPU version since the day when Cyrus board became supported by MorphOS.
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