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    cyfm schrieb:

    Actually, with the very latest 3.15 HDimg written as raw data to a USB stick, you should be able to set the boot-device to ud:,\\:tbxi to boot directly from it.
    At least that is how I boot a MorphOS install image on my PBook5,8.
    Unfortunately, there are a few more pitfalls with USB, so results may vary. At least I'm pretty sure that you don't need to enter OF-console each time once you found a compatible USB stick and reconfigured the boot-device in OF.
    It also works on a PMacG5 and/or iMacG5 as the script included with the HDimg automatically selects the correct boot.img.

    Very interessting! Tried that in the past and it won't work (but with older versions of MOS). So I did it with a boot-menue and created a bootable USB-stick (or USB-HD) and called boot.img there directly, which also works flawless.
    But useing the raw-data of the ISO and let do the Mac the rest, is the quickest way! I've to test this too......
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