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    Amigaharry2 schrieb:
    Yes, tested it now - works on G4-PB. If your Mac creates the UD-Device during runtime it's easy. You can check it in OF with command dev-alias
    Connect CD-Drive to USB, then turn on or reboot and goto OF-console.
    A device named ud should be shown. If it's ok, content of CD can be shown with dir ud:,\
    There is no way to boot automaticaly - you have to call propper boot.img for your Mac manually.


    boot ud:,\mac_ppc32\boot.img BD=CD0

    If you have a G5, then use mac_ppc64 instead of mac_ppc32.

    Actually, with the very latest 3.15 HDimg written as raw data to a USB stick, you should be able to set the boot-device to ud:,\\:tbxi to boot directly from it.
    At least that is how I boot a MorphOS install image on my PBook5,8.
    Unfortunately, there are a few more pitfalls with USB, so results may vary. At least I'm pretty sure that you don't need to enter OF-console each time once you found a compatible USB stick and reconfigured the boot-device in OF.
    It also works on a PMacG5 and/or iMacG5 as the script included with the HDimg automatically selects the correct boot.img.
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