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    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    Technical Data says 64-Bit memory bus..... https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-9250-pci.c1162
    But nevertheless it should work in a PEG1 (I think Peg1 has PCI-5V?), as written in Pegasos-book.
    Is this PCI-Card really OK? Have you tested it in a PC ? Sometimes even brandnew cards are faulty.....

    Yes 5v version, it works on my PC very well and this card had never been used before me..
    I made a GfxSpeed: my Radeon AGP are made to work @200 MHz doing only 10% better then Voodoo 3. On Macmini Radeon @250 MHz scored more then double than PEG1. At me looks like PEG1 can't sqeeze even a slow Radeon and so a 128 bit version is useless. Nevermind I can use Radeon on AGP saving a PCI slot.
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