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    My Pegasos is 0.1b114 version.

    I've already noticed this issue since I started using Morphos 3.06 and a flat screen. Recently I've installed Morphos 3.15 from CD, in a new partition with PFS3.

    In the past I used a CRT with different graphics cards than Voodoo 3 with Morphos 2.x and I didn't have any problem, maybe only with an old 1024x768 flat screen.

    Now I have 2 flat screen one is 1080p and another is 4:3 1024p.
    If I change Voodoo 3 for and ATI 9200 PCI I got black screen and hard drive does not load anything. Only once it worked with ATI 9200 AGP. In Ambient I had Voodoo configuration working for Radeon (?) then I changed Ambient for a specific Radeon Screen but after restart I had changed graphics card for Radeon 9200 PCI and then again black screen, now I can load Morphos if there's a Voodoo 3!

    What's wrong with Pegasos 1 except for Articia S... yes yes I got April 2, ECC ram, but not a CRT around.
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