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    Kronos wrote:
    AFAIR the real issue wasn't that missing signal but the length of the unbuffered traces going directly from the SoC to the 44 pin. Thats why most attempts to extend the bus fail.

    Yes, that's why the cable is so short (5cm). And it works both with mSATA in the middle and in the end of the cable.


    Kronos wrote:
    In order to "prove" that it is really MorphOS at fault and not just fluke making it "work" in OF you would need to install another OS (Linux) and do some stresstests there.

    Yes, of course.
    This theory can be proven by trying linux or Aros (if there will work two devices on one IDE).
    But cannot be disproved (if linux and Aros don't recognize second disk, it can also depend on its drivers).

    Therefore I asked the Morphos Devs, to be sure.

    Anyway, I will try linux (and maybe Aros) in future.
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