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    mac6six schrieb:
    Good morning brain trust, I was wondering if anyone has tried installing MOS on the Powerbook Ti 667mhz w/ATI Mobility Radeon ? Booting from CD produces the white screen. I've seen that issue before on a PM G5, it was related to the CD-ROM drive, I've had to switch from SATA to IDE (or the other way around, I don't remember now).

    But more importantly, is is worth installing on a 667MHz machine or is that too slow now? I use the built-in UAE to run legacy apps and games, play music and dabble with paint apps (no internet browsing, no videos).

    I will try booting from USB, but if you can tell me it's not worth it, I'd really appreciate that.

    I once added some kind of experimental support for PowerBook 3,5 because I got a machine to toy around with it for a while. It never was fully supported, it had some issues with audio, I didn't really continue on it ... So probably a waste of time to try with an even older model there ...
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