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    Kronos wrote:
    Mmmm yeah just checked and the cheapest I found on ebay was 138? from Poland. Much pricier that I remembered (but I just can't find THAT offer) but still a long way from the 350 you are suggesting.

    It's exactly 353 EUR where i usually buy stuff :(


    There also was another device I've looked up some years ago (when it was of no urgency as my best monitor at that time was a Dell featuring DualLink) that would go for about 100$/? but I just can't remember what that actually was.

    I think i'm just gonna buy a 1440p monitor with dual link DVI input.

    I've found today an older 27" 1440p monitor in my closet (the panel is a bit yellowish ...), hooked it up to the G5 through dual link DVI, and voila! It works perfectly! :D MorphOS is so beautiful in 1440p!!! :D

    It's just that i'm so spoiled with the iMac 5K, that when i drag a window from it to a 27" 1440p, even the 1440p's screen looks washed out and pixelated ... It pisses me off :)
    And not to mention the 24" 1080p monitor ... it's like the difference between a 17" CRT and a 24" 1080p ...
    And it was not long ago that i watched movies on that 24" 1080p, and it seemed huuuge ... :D

    Anyway, those active adapters are just too expensive. I can't justify to myself 200-300 EUR for it, when a new 2K monitor costs 250-300 EUR ... :)
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