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    lordcoxis wrote:
    If I edit the mode and press "Test", MorphOS freezes (or looks like it - the image freezes and the mouse cursor disappears).

    Following up on this, I did more tests and found out the following:

    - MorphOS doesn't freeze; if I press escape I get back the mouse cursor and can continue working as normal.
    - I can't test any screen mode at all (not even 1080p, which is the one I'm using), I always get the same behaviour.
    - I tried to do the same test by booting from the 3.13 CD and I get the same behaviour.
    - If I boot from the 3.12 CD however, I get a picture with garbled colours (might post a pic later), BUT if I navigate my way to the mode edit (despite the image being severely garbled), I can test all available screen modes and they show up correctly.

    Any ideas? :\

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