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    Hi everyone,

    It's not too often that i log in (though i do follow morph.zone almost daily since ages ...), and even less often when i ask something, but now i have a question about that dual-link DVI to ... something adapter.

    I want to "build" a perfect MorphOS machine, preferably a silent G5 PowerMac. If there is/can be such a thing ... :D

    I bought a 2.7GHz PMac G5, with a 256MB Radeon card. It supports 1440p@60Hz, but (as it seems) it needs an active dual link DVI to HDMI/DisplayPort adapter.
    Does anyone uses MorphOS at 1440p resolution with such an adapter?
    If yes, which one? I saw a Club 3D, it's about 50 EUR. I would buy it, but i would like to know if it would really work, or perhaps there's a better/cheaper solution.

    Thanks in advance.
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