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    rob wrote:

    Divinity wrote:

    is it possibile to add a 2nd gfx (PCI) in the PowerMac G5 to be used as second gfx in MorphOS ?
    If yes, what needs to be changed at the software level ?

    You may not need a second video card.


    I quickly scanned through the above linked web page, so forgive me if my question was answered there, or elsewhere in the other two linked forum threads that AW provided above.

    It was noted that there are other 3rd party software which enable screen swapping. Do any of you reading this know of any software that activates the screen on a 2nd monitor by moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the 1st monitors screen? It would need to be something that runs in the background and is not visible, but could be run on both screens to simulate the way the mouse can be moved from one screen to another in other OSes. That would be a useful little commodity IMO for MorphOS users. Not sure I described it in a way that conveys my idea accurately. I suppose that it might be easy to do on the Ambient screen, but may be more difficult to run it also in the background on the 2nd monitor's application, so that the mouse could be brought from the 2nd monitor back to the 1st monitor, simply by bringing the mouse back to the edge of the 2nd monitor closest to the 1st monitor?

    Edit: On further reflection, maybe it wouldn't be hard at all, if it were a program running in the background all of the time, no matter what screen was currently active, and all that was needed to activate a screen swap was to place your mouse pointer to either edge of the currently active screen. It might take some getting used to, and accidental screen swaps would occur by users not being careful to keep the mouse pointer away from the edge of the screen, but I think it could be done.

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