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    I've got at the moment an A1177 EMC 2023 - 2.3GHz Dual-Core PowerMac G5, but it needs a WiFi card and Bluetooth.

    Does the A1026/A1027 Airport Extreme or A1029 AirMac Extreme cards fit in this model, as they do in the EMC 2061 models, as they seem to fit the slot, but the metal plate above has 2 pushed/pressed out brackets with screw holes that seem to be intended to secure the correct WiFi card with a couple of screws, rather than the pressed/punched/cut out slot as in the EMC 2061 models. There are no holes in the A1026/A1027/A1029 cards for them to be secured with any screws so I doubt the standard Airporrt Extreme cards for the G4 and G5 earlier versions is the correct card, unless a previous owner has removed a bracket/screws that would have fitted into this position to secure the standard Airport Extreme cards.

    Anyone got an Airport Extreme card of any kind fitted/working in their A1177 PowerMacs? :-?

    I have an A1044 Bluetooth card which seems to be the same fitting for this A1177 EMC 2023 model mounting as the ones for the EMC 2061 models, but does anyone know if this is the correct card or do I need a different card for this A1177 model of PowerMac? :-?

    [UPDATE] - I now realise that the A1177 should have an A1126 or A1127 combined Wifi/Bluetooth card clipped/fitted onto a daughter card that slots into (and screws down onto the 2 threaded plate bracket positions on the steel mid-panel) which is the lone Airport Extreme slot in the earlier PowerMac G5s, such as my EMC 2061 model.

    I have seen someone fit an A1026/A1027 Airport Extreme card into this slot under the mid-shelf of the PowerMac as in the earlier EMC 2061 models, like mine, but fitted this way in the A1177, and there is the same location for a separate bluetooth card (A1044) as there is in the EMC 2061 that exists in the A1177. So, does anyone know, have already tried, and successfully fitted the A1044 bluetooth card, and the Airport Extreme A1026/A1027 card in an A1177 in that position for it to function as it does in the EMC 2061 models? :-?
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