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    >> Another option that I have used successfully is a wireless network bridge
    >> [...]. I have one made by NetGear [...]. They are quite cheap and need
    >> no drivers, since the system just sees it as a regular Ethernet connection.

    > As amigadave pointed out, your best bet is to probably modify a wireless
    > router and use that as a "wireless bridge" to your network.

    I don't think amigadave suggested to modify a router but to use a device specifically made for the purpose at hand.

    > All mine are ARM based wifi routers, so all of mine are Broadcom chipset.
    > I believe something like an Asus RT-AC66u would be just fine or even
    > older routers that are around broadcom chipsets. I just always had lousy
    > luck with Atheros chipsets.

    The chipset shouldn't matter. My wireless network bridge uses a MIPS-based chipset by Atheros/Qualcomm and works fine.

    > Unsure if there are even pci express 1x that has such an old wifi chipset
    > on it that would work

    IKE's G5 Mac is PCI-X, not PCIe. PCI-X slots can take PCI cards with the right voltage.
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