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    IKE wrote:
    I am looking for WiFi card recommendations, as the internal wifi is not working very well on my newly acquired machine. I have the G5 PCI-x 2 GHz model:



    As amigadave pointed out, your best bet is to probably modify a wireless router and use that as a "wireless bridge" to your network. This can sometimes be a headache if the right wireless routers arent used. All mine are ARM based wifi routers, so all of mine are Broadcom chipset.

    I believe something like an Asus RT-AC66u would be just fine or even older routers that are around broadcom chipsets. I just always had lousy luck with Atheros chipsets.

    Unsure if there are even pci express 1x that has such an old wifi chipset on it that would work.... Now that I think about it, might be worth experimenting getting an old M.2 wireless card that is the same chipset as that of an old airport card and combining the two? Unsure if something like that would even work.

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