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    TrevorDick wrote:

    Not sure why you posted on a public forum but I can assure you that uboot firmware updates for the X5000 have not been circulated outside the ExecSG team.

    The excellent work you did for me on uboot helped the ExecSG team create a standard uboot build process. As I assured you at the time, I will ensure that any and all future uboot updates for the the X5000/20 and X5000/40 will support MorphOS. I have a vested interest since I run MorphOS on my X5000/20 :-)

    The ExecSG kernel work will not impact on MorphOS support.


    It's not really my place to step into the middle of this, but I just want to address this one question of Trevor's, with the most likely answer, that everyone has read in Mark's initial post to this thread. Mark/Bigfoot posted this here because Solie and to an extent Trevor himself kept refusing to give Mark the answers to his questions in those emails. I think if it had been me, I probably would have resisted helping the ExecSG team even more than Mark did, and I would not have given them the source code, until they DID answer my questions fully. But that is just my opinion on how I would have reacted, and Mark is a much more helpful and "Nice Guy".

    It seems completely reasonable to me for Mark to post this warning publicly, when he was kept "out of the loop" by Trevor and the ExecSG team, but learned what was going on and put the pieces together that seem to confirm his fears. I don't know if Mark made one last attempt to get the answers directly from Trevor or the ExecSG team, which I would have done before posting here, but it is done now, so why doesn't the ExecSG team and owner come out with an official statement to clear things up and ease the minds of the users. All of this "cloak and dagger" secrecy in our tiny community is silly. We are too small and way too far behind all other platforms to worry that anyone is going to steal the ideas of our development teams, and I can't see any benefit in keeping the users in the dark about what is going on. In fact, I think it hurts our community.

    After all the help that Mark has provided to get MorphOS working on the X5000, I hope that it won't all be in vain because A-Eon decides to drop support for MorphOS, due to the current graphics card problem between the two OSes, and the apparent low number of users running MorphOS on an X5000.
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