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    There are two distinct entities here:

    * ExecSG Team with a private branch of the source code

    * A-EON Technology Ltd with official source maintained by BigFoot

    I am not involved, or have been asked to be involved with ExecSG Team and therefore do not speak for them. I also do not know what they are working on except for news snippets of information that come my way from time to time.


    You guys (Trevor, Matthew & Steven, plus whoever else might be involved)

    Bundling us together is maybe why you and others are confused and asking for clarification.


    So there is something being beta tested that is supposed to be released. How come bigfoot is totally unaware what this new firmware does?

    I have not been give access or ever used this new third-party firmware so I am unaware also. I presume that SSolie will distribute it to their group of beta testers. I am seeking clarification now. As I mentioned before, official A-EON X5000 firmware is maintained by BigFoot unless he chooses otherwise.
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