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    amigakit wrote:

    I'm even more confused now. Does this mean that the firmware is only needed for development purposes and no new firmware update will be needed for end users?

    A-EON only distributes and releases official firmware which BigFoot is the maintainer. He took over from Varisys' contractor for A-EON quite some time ago. We were very happy that he could maintain the firmware and get the project back on track.

    I have no idea what happens in the ExecSG Team internally. Third party branches are not official updates and therefore are not distributed by A-EON or installed on A-EON consumer product when they go out of the door.

    Okay sounds good, except that it doesn't answer my question definitely. "Yes" or "no" would suffice.

    Also there is this statement from Steven Solie:

    The only U-Boot firmware you need comes directly from the board manufacturer (A-EON) and includes "aeon" in the version string. The new U-Boot will be released after beta testing has been completed.

    So there is something being beta tested that is supposed to be released. How come bigfoot is totally unaware what this new firmware does?

    My confusion remains.
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