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    TrevorDick wrote:

    Not sure why you posted on a public forum

    Probably because it would be too late to warn people if a broken firmware were to be installed. Since it is not known when such firmware might be released the warning had to come out now.


    As I assured you at the time, I will ensure that any and all future uboot updates for the the X5000/20 and X5000/40 will support MorphOS. ... The ExecSG kernel work will not impact on MorphOS support.

    I genuinely think you're a nice guy, but are you qualified to understand the finer details of firmware development? If yes, then I might have some more confidence in this statement. The incompetence of the ExecSG Team in around building the firmware suggests another scenario though: No one in the team has a clue what they're doing. While there likely is no malicious intent, it could well end up breaking the support by accident.

    Hence the warning.

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