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    Tbh I think it's good for their userbase to be experimenting with different alternatives and approaches for such an important feature, even by taking (technically) the wrong path and perhaps ending up breaking other stuff. Vast majority of owners must have bought X5k for OS4, a tiny percentage for MorphOS (even if some users switched in between) and perhaps virtually no one for explicit linux desktop purpose. I don't think that even a fraction of OS4 X5k users would care if bringing SMP is being delivered with a "hacky" or technically competence way or if it leads to Linux or MorphOS installations stop working (which might have not even been installed to begin with), as long as such an important feature (cause it is important nonetheless) is present and actually works from user's pov. Well, at least I know I wouldn't give a damn if MorphOS x64 prevented Windows (or any other OS) from booting on latest Intel i7 :) Regarding MorphOS official support, can easily and formally be revoked if a non approved third party UBoot firmware is installed. It's a simple and clear statement, so any potential buyer/user can weight his final decision for purchase.
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