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    matt3 wrote:
    I was just curious how much faster a quad core 2.5 is or even a 2.7 compared to a 2.3? Not so much in just raw numbers but:

    Is there a noticeable difference with browsing in Wayfarer?

    Real world every day usage?

    My 2.3 for certain items it perfectly fast, but for especially with wayfarer gets bogged down with some sites.

    I've got a quad core 2.5 and its a fair bit faster on Wayfarer than my MacMini 1.5 and PowerBook 1.7 but it still gets bogged down on certain websites and my iphone 13 can easily outrun it, as you would expect. Sites like Facebook (non-mobile version) and Microsoft applications it gets there in the end, as Wayfarer is so good and modern, but can still take time.

    Its still my MorphOS machine of choice though, as its fairly rare for the CPU to load up in the same way as the MacMini and its still the quickest by some margin. It's ability to play higher resolution videos on YouTube is also much better.

    Is it faster than a slightly older 2.7 or 2.3? It should be as its DDR3 memory and I've also installed a SSD to try and speed it up as much as possible, but in real use I bet its hardly noticeable.
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