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    Okay, so I've now got my new SSD (OWC Mercury 3G and 3.5" adapter) ready to install, but before I do so I just want to check how everything will work.

    What I am aiming for is to use the SSD to be my main drive but leave the existing HDD in but only in case I need further storage in the future and also so I can initially move stuff over to the new SSD.

    Therefore, am I best to physically install the drive and then do a fresh install of MorphOS 3.15 on the new drive, or could I copy the exact same partitions from the old drive to the new drive?

    Also, if I end up with two drives each with a bootable partition how do I select which drive is the one that should be booted from? Am I correct in thinking the Mac has an early boot menu (sorry my Mac knowledge is very low)? If so how do I permanently make the boot partition on the SSD the one that the computer usually boots from?

    I know these are noddy questions, but the last time I installed any new harddrive was probably in about 1997 and involved a Elbox PowerFlyer and even then it didn't go to plan as far as I can remember!

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