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    You cannot enter the OF “blindly” because it does not work at all without a supported graphics card. I think the same applies to the C key.

    Just to confirm, in case anyone looks for this information again, Jacadcaps was absolutely right (as he usually is) and once I put the NVidia card back in I was able to install 3.15 from CD Rom.

    Bit of pain, as it means I will have to reinstall the card ever time I need to upgrade, but I suppose that is usually only twice a year.

    Can't you just leave it in one of the upper slots? You've got three to pick from. Then when you need to update MorphOS from CD you'd just have to plug the video cable back to nVidia.

    I know I could do, but I get worried about heat build up, as even though it isn't being used it gets very hot.

    My x1900xtx takes up two slots, due to the fans, and then I also have a network card in that uses another so I've only actually the one slot left.

    I'm probably being over the top but I am just worried about the whole thing overheating.
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